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My name is Joe Monti and this is my blog about data. In it I will be writing about data; how to manage it, how to store it, how to process it, and what you can do with it. Data is everywhere and data is crucial in so many ways to so many things. A lot of people have a lot of it, but don’t always know what to do with it and use it effectively.

I am a Software Engineer at VoodooVox, where I work primarily on ad serving and analytics systems. I code primarily in Java and some in Python. We have gone through many iterations of data and reporting systems as the business and our technology has grown. I have seen what works, what doesn’t, and where certain technologies or approaches do well or fail. I have taken a leading role in researching, testing, convincing the rest of the team something is the right choice, and implementing, from configuring to coding, new databases and data-related technologies.

Practically all my personal experience is with open source software. Besides the fact that it is free, I have found that the software tends to be easy to work with and has a passionate community around it. Also, I have found having the source code available is invaluable. I rarely have had to write my own patches, but it has helped me numerous times identify bugs to report back to the maintainers. Also helpful is for coding against the libraries. Documentation is never complete, so diving into code is sometimes the best way to find how to use a library effectively. Also, seeing how the authors use their own libraries is incredibly helpful in understanding the best way to do things. I have a more in-depth look at why open source software is good for libraries here.

Here is a list of databases and data-related technologies with which I have had substantial experience:

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